Well, it is finally here. I have been threatening this podcast for about a year and now I have finally gone and done it. The Nexus Of All Realities: A Man-Thing Podcast will launch on August 1st.

As a brief introduction, for those of you who don’t know, Man-Thing is one of two swamp-based comic book characters launched in the early 70s.

At the time monster books were all the rage. The Comics Code Authority, the self-regulating body that enforced strict censorship guidelines, eased off a bit toward the end of the 60s. While still very strict it did allow a bit more freedom with horror, so monster books abounded.

Man-Thing was just another in a long line of creepy titles and would have just been a footnote had it not been for writer Steve Gerber. Gerber was – let’s say eccentric. He penned stories that were odd, to say the least. And when he took over the Man-Thing ongoing series he made it into something quite different…experimental, surreal, and very, very weird.

As a kid I loved it. I can’t say that I got it – there were references to drugs and sex and politics that undoubtedly went right over my head – but I loved it.

So this book, this character has been one that I have silently been a fan of for years.

About a year ago I bought the Man-Thing omnibus and read those stories again for the first time since I was a kid and what I discovered was…well that’s what the podcast will be about.

In each episode, I will discuss an issue and try to analyze it with the memories of a child and the critical eye of an adult and hopefully, it will be an entertaining time for anyone who chooses to listen.

Now, okay, I guess I’ll address the one thing that everyone always mentions when talking about this character…the name. Man-Thing. Insert sexual innuendo here. Believe me, it’s hard (chuckle) to come to grips (chuckle, chuckle) with the name. He even had an actual comic series called…Giant Size Man-Thing. (breaks into uncontrolled laughter) So yeah, I will attempt to keep control of the penial humor, but I can’t guarantee that.

Well, I hope you come back on the 1st to hear the first episode and subsequent episodes will air every two weeks. And maybe you too can come to love the world’s second most famous swamp-based comic book character as much as I do.

The Nexus of All Realities – a Man-Thing podcast – a twice-monthly dive into the bizarre.

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And as always thanks for listening everyone! Cheers.