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Today on the program: Man-Thing #6 – “And When I Died… ! ” a conclusion of sorts to the saga of Darrel the depressed, deceased clown we began in the last episode.

In this issue, Steve Gerber does what Steve Gerber does best, and that is…put away all pretense of doing a standard Man-Thing comic and decide to create an avant-garde, Samuel Becket-style play in the style of the “Theatre of the Absurd”. Yes, I am quite serious, why do you ask?

In addition to that, I’ll be talking about Power Records – the 70s book and record sets that were wonderful little audio plays based on various movie, TV, and cartoon franchises like Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Six Million Dollar Man, Lone Ranger, Space 1999, Bugs Bunny and Kojak. Yes, Kojak, the prime-time police procedural starring Telly Savalas police procedural as a gruff, streetwise, lolly-pop-sucking detective who isn’t afraid to bend the rules or cross the line to get results. You know, like all the kids were clambering to get.

Also, I reminisce about childhood things like portable record players, defunct department stores, classic records, and classic songs. So don’t miss that.

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