Welcome everyone to the Nexus of All Realities – A Man-Thing podcast!

Well, it was a hectic Holiday season with little time to do to much more than have fun and enjoy myself. But now all that is over and we can get back to talking about 70s swamp monsters – and space wizards and demons and women in skimpy, impractical outfits. That’s right, it’s time for Man-Thing!

Today’s episode is Adventure Into Fear #15, From Here to Infinity!

This is the finale of sorts to the three-part storyline about the cult of Zhered-Na and Jennifer Kale’s connection to Man-thing…will weirdness will ensue? Well yeah, are you not paying attention?

Also in this episode, I’ll talk about fantasy in the 1970s and give my thoughts on the announcement that R.L. Stine will be penning a new series of Man-Thing starting in March.

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