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Today on the program: Man-Thing #10 – “No one Dies Forever!

The long-awaited conclusion of the Zeke and Maybelle ghost story began in the previous issue. And gol’ dang it may nots come out the way yee’d expect it to. This story takes some twists and turns – we get a snake battle, a gorgon, a road trip, and a rather touching backstory for ol’ Zeke and Maybelle that turns to tragedy. Empathy plays a huge part in this story, probably not a surprise when the main character is empathic.

Also, my topic for the program this time will be The Back to the Land Movement of the 1970s. The Back to the Land movement was one where folks, unhappy with crowded urban life made the conscious effort to move to a more agrarian way of doing things – a self-sufficient lifestyle that often involved communal living that was simple and sparse with less reliance on technology. And although it happened for a short time in the early 70s the movement really has its roots quite along ways back.

In addition, I talk a little bit about the unrest in the country these days and my feelings on the protests and what they are protesting for.

So join me as I dive in and overgeneralize the weird, the wacky, and the often wonderful of a 70s swamp-based monster comic.

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