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On the program this time Man-Thing #4 “The Making of a Madman!”

Finally, I’m back to finish off the Foolkiller arc and to talk about religion and politics…so you know, that won’t annoy anyone I’m sure. In the issue, we get the backstory for Foolkiller and find out exactly what makes him tick. And in typical Gerber fashion it’s not subtle, but of course extremely interesting.

Also as I mentioned I’ll be talking about religion and politics. Specifically the religious right. So feel free to call me out in the comments without actually listening to the podcast. I kid, don’t do that…listen to the podcast then call me out in the comments. But the reason I’m talking about this topic is that the story is looked at today is directly related to this – it is a satire of a movement and a feeling that was growing and beginning to take shape in the US at this time. And Steve Gerber was…voicing his opinion on how he felt about the perceived attitude surrounding this movement. And in typical fashion, in a not-so-subtle way. But an interesting one and a unique one as well.

Also, I talk very briefly about how I feel Gerber approached character creation. Just something I’ve noticed as I have been reading not only Man-Thing, but the Defenders, Howard the Duck, Omega the Unknown, and other titles.

As always I value your feedback and would love to hear what you have to say.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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