• Do you like suicidal clowns? Do you like suicidal clowns that come back as creepy, sad ghosts? Do you like 70s pseudo-hippies exchanging youthful dialogue? [...]

  • Comics are a business. Amid the artwork and the writing, the beloved characters and detailed worlds and universes it is easy to forget that these guys* also want to make money. And in doing so certain ideas and concepts get […]

  • In the 1970s satanic cults were everywhere. Or at least that’s what popular culture would have you believe. In apartment complexes, suburban planned communities, and quiet rural towns – somewhere lurking beneath the all-too-normal exterior was a sinister group ready […]

  • In 2005 a film adaptation of the comic book character Man-Thing was released by Lions Gate Films. And I can say with full confidence that of all the films released in 2005 – this was definitely one of them. I […]

  • STORY BY: R.L. Stine ART BY: Christopher Mitten and German Peralta COLORS BY: Rachelle Rosenberg LETTERS BY: VC’s Travis Lanham COVER BY: Mike Deodato Jr. and Tyler Crook In the previous review of issue #1 I wrote about how I didn’t really enjoy how Stein […]

  • STORY BY: Daniel Warren Johnson and R.L. Stine ART BY: German Peralta COLORS BY: Mat Lopes and Rachelle Rosenberg COVER BY: Tyler Crook The much-anticipated run by Goosebumps author R.L. Stine has arrived and it is undeniably okay. I will say right off I […]

  • Does it say something about me that this image has stuck with me for forty years? As a kid, I had this issue, and this panel in particular I thought was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. […]

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