Welcome everyone to the Nexus of All Realities – A Man-Thing podcast!

Today on the program: Man-Thing #8 – “The Gift of Fear”

This is the conclusion to the story that began in the last episode and we deal with the consequences of Man-Thing’s exposure to the Rainbow Fountain.  Will Man-Thing finally be cured and returned back to being human? Will the shadowy figures living below the paradise La Hacienda have ulterior or nefarious motives? And will the machinations of FA Schist lead everyone to ruin? These questions and more will be answered on the Nexus of All Realities!

Also, my topic for the program this time will be Utopia. That’s right, I’m going to somehow tie in Sir Thomas More’s 1516 work of satire and a 70s monster comic. Hey, it’s what I do. In essence, I’ll be talking about the type of “utopia fiction” that More’s book inspired, how it was used in the 1970s and how Steve Gerber used this type of fiction in Man-Thing. It all ties together in a neat, tidy way and makes complete sense. Or not, it might be a convoluted contrivance…you be the judge.

In addition, I talk a little bit about the anniversary of Steve Gerber’s death which happened just over a week ago.

So join me as I dive in and overgeneralize the weird, the wacky, and the often wonderful of a 70s swamp-based monster comic.

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