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This time on the show I’m straying from the main title again to delve into the magazine-style comics that marvel was publishing in the 1970s – specifically Monsters Unleashed #5. Because of the comics code, there were heavy restrictions on what could and could not be depicted in comics – especially horror comics – and even though the guidelines were eased a bit at the time it was still hard to do more “adult” oriented material. But there was a way around that – publish a magazine. magazines did not fall under the purview of the Comics Code and so greater levels of violence and sexuality could be used as well as more mature themes. But I talk all about that on the show so why not just listen?

Also, I talk a little bit about my – admittedly pedantic  – obsession with how to order things and I put out the question should I do an episode on the movie adaptation of Man-Thing?

also, if you are so inclined, check out the Warren Publishing stuff on Archive.org I mentioned in the episode

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