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On the program this time Man-Thing #3 “Day of the Killer, Night of the Fool!”

That’s right it is the introduction of the Foolkiller, the self-righteous crusader for anti-foolness. If you are a fool and come anywhere near his vicinity well…I pity you. This is Gerber doing satire and pointing out – albeit a bit heavy-handedly – some of the…let’s say interesting…ideas going around at that particular time. Follkiller is one of the more overt satirical characters Gerber  created (and that’s saying something) with a bit of a comedic edge as can be seen in the character’s calling card:

Foolkiller / e Pluribus Unum
You have 24 hours to live. Use them to repent or be forever damned to the pits of hell where goeth all fools. Today is the last day of the rest of your life.
Use it wisely or die a fool.

Also, I’ll talk a little bit about the difference between parody and satire and I hope to explain a little bit about why Steve Gerber was so good at it. In addition to that, I continue my thoughts on the RL Stine run on Man-Thing, a segment I had let drop but was brought back by popular demand. And by popular demand I mean 2 people asked.

I hope you enjoy the show.

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